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Designer Digs: Hotels Meet High Fashion

PHOTO: The signature suite at Armani Hotel. And fashion is very much at the forefront of the individual hotels. The Portrait Hotel near Rome’s Spanish Steps liken its suites to a fashion studio. And at Florence’s Gallery Hotel Art, the the hotel is described as a “favorite local meeting place in the heart of Florence amongst fashion, art, and stylish people.” Puntacana Resort & Club Oscar de la Renta — Tortuga Bay, Dominican Republic On the beaches of Punta Cana — known more for its mega all-inclusives than luxury boutique hotels — is tiny Tortuga Bay.
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2 Tulsa Teams Sharing Swimming Coach And Pool

American exceptionalism: U.S. medal haul from Sochi Three years ago, Sauer left his coaching job at Booker T. Washington to re-start a swimming program at Sapulpa for the first time in 25 years. The school was without a pool so Sauer and his swimmers raised enough money to rent the old Jenks High School pool.
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Why Architects Are Touting Metal Roofs For Urban Dwellers

Their popularity has been growing for several years for architects, who say metal is an ideal way to showcase a part of a dwelling that is often treated as a design afterthought. More Related to this Story I want to update my backsplash what material should I choose? Whale Rock photos of a metal roof. Whole article at

Plumbing Problems At Police Hq To Get $1.47 Million Fix

The plumbing is just the latest expense at the problem-plagued headquarters. Last year, contractors completed work on a $6.2 million insulation project that began in May. Workers took all of the nine-story buildings stone exterior off, installed a proper thermal wrap, and covered spaces that leaked air. Whole article at

Swimming Pools And Golf Ranges In London’s Insane Luxury Basements

Swimming pools, bowling alleys, gyms, saunas and games rooms are some of the most popular features of basement extensions. “We’re probably doing around 30 to 40 projects a year now. (Clients) are definitely pushing the envelope more and more … to create new basement space.” ‘Wish Town’ offers smarter living Israeli tech boom fuels ‘Golden Kilometer’ Kurdish capital’s property boom A lack of room and strict planning laws dictate that the facade of many of London’s picturesque Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian-era neighborhoods must maintain their original character and outward appearance. This annuls the possibility of large extensions upwards and outwards.
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Tips To Arrange Your Kitchen Neatly

- Do not go overboard with your budget. Spend thoughtfully after keenly observing the material and doing the costing. Sometimes, the local carpenter gives the best of the deals that is value for every rupee that you spend on. - Decide in advance on how many shelves would each cabinet would require and how big are these shelves going to be. - You can also look for color options like pista green or tomato red to add more color to your cabinets. Tips to arrange your kitchen neatly

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing In Pa Now Offering Maintenance Program To Customers This February 2014

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA today to learn more about the Maintenance Program and new water heater installation in Levittown . It will save homeowners money in the future on expensive repairs that could have been avoided with yearly maintenance. About Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Established in 1984, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is one of the fastest growing plumbing franchises in the US. They value their customers and make their complete satisfaction their main priority. Located in Levittown, PA the company is dedicated to serving all residential and commercial customers plumbing issues.
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At Home: Millstadt Home Features Creative Additions And Family Antiques

We tackled one room every two years. Most people renovate, says Julie. We de-renovate. We took out 1 inches of flooring subfloors, carpet and layers of vinyl and redid all the floors. We were happy the original fir floors were in decent shape underneath. The Ackers have added some modern amenities, including a bathroom upstairs for daughter Laurens bedroom. At home: Millstadt home features creative additions and family antiques

Valois Home Improvements: Specializing In Home Repairs, Remodels, Fine Carpentry

Raymond Valois (Photo/submitted) They know as long as they treat me and my customers right, I will call them back. I have made my living on a lot of smaller jobs. Smaller jobs get me in the door, and I take them when I can. There are times during the busy season that I do have to pass up smaller jobs if Im too booked up. I hate to turn business away, but its better to be upfront with someone if there is no way I can meet their timeframe. What geographic area do you cover? I have gone as far as Marthas Vineyard, Quincy, Milton, Chelmsford.
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3 Great Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

Just about everybody wants their home to look great which is why home decorating is popular. If you hire professionals or if you purchase new furniture or accessories, you can run up a high budget very quickly. There are, however, more affordable alternatives no matter what you want to accomplish. Of course this means you will have to be more hands on, but that is all right because it’s fun to create.

Look for small and simple accessories and decorative items that can make a room look more attractive and interesting. Assess what you want to do with a room, like a bathroom, and this is a good place to start because it’s small. Some people, for example, use natural found objects such as rocks, stones and seashells to add interest to surfaces around the house. It’s not necessary to buy real plants and flowers unless you want to, and you can even combine artificial and real if you want. This is just one topic, flowers and plants and natural objects - and we haven’t touched on lighting, yet. All of your rooms can have their appearances changed as mirrors can accomplish a lot. When you use a large wall mirror, your room will seem bigger, which is a simple trick people use. This is, however, only one purpose of a mirror. Their shapes, styles and sizes are all different. Older homes are a great place to use antique mirrors, but if you have contemporary tastes, you can find mirrors that are more modern. A ghost mirror is another option you can hang up. There is no ghost with this mirror, but there is no reflection, so it is used mainly for decoration. Imagination is what it takes when you choose to use mirrors as a way to decorate your home.

There are some very simple and inexpensive changes that can make a surprising difference in the way your home looks.

For instance, take a look at your kitchen cabinets -is it time to give them some new hardware or paint? This is considerably cheaper than replacing your cabinets, but it can accomplish almost as much. An old shower curtain can give your bathroom a faded look, so consider replacing it. This will take you less than five minutes to install and will only cost you a few dollars. Lamps are both decorative items and sources of light, so they can make a real difference to a room. Rather than replacing them, you may want to find some new lampshades. You might want to find an antique lampshade (or any type you prefer) that will give your lamp a new style.

You can change your mood about your home, by decorating it, plus you can up the value of it. You don’t have to go outside your budget when you do this because there are a lot of inexpensive and even free choices for enhancing the look of your home. When it comes to sprucing up and redecorating your home, we have only provided a few examples in this article.